Decentralized Instant Messenger (dIM in short) is an offline messaging app for iOS. It allows you to keep chatting with your friends in case of emergencies, riots or natural disasters.

Feature 02

Chat Offline

Once dIM is installed you never have to access the internet again to send and receive messages. Stay in airplane mode as long as you would like and chat away.

Feature 03

How It Works

dIM uses Bluetooth to maintain a connection to other nearby users of dIM. When you send a message to your friend it is sent trough the Bluetooth connection of other people!

Feature 04

The Range

The range of Bluetooth Low Energy is 100 meters or 330 feet. If your friend is further away, the messsage is sent trough other dIM users connection if there are any. Otherwise the message is delivered next time a connection is made.

Feature 01

Add New Contacts

Open dIM on your phone and navigate to the QR code screen. Let your friends scan your QR code, then scan theirs. This enables you to send each other messages trough the dIM network.

Feature 01


dIM is decentralized and all phones play an equal part of keeping the network running. Therefore your phone works as a server and a client at the same time. Another benefit of this is that dIM cannot be shut down or turned off.

Feature 01

No Data Collection

Your data belongs to you. As such no userdata is collected, no connections are made to any servers and no logs are created. The content of your messages are encrypted for only you and your contact to see.